Some objects such as furniture or utensils are made in small series by Kees. These can be ordered online via the contact-page. In most cases, the finish of these objects can be customised.

Three leaf clover stools
  • Material:
    • Seat: steel (8 mm)
    • Legs: different kinds of wood (eg zebrano, purple wood, ash)
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 45 cm (standard; can be customised)
  • Finish: the seat’s steel can stay natural or can be sprayed in a colour
  • Price: EUR 295 (incl. VAT; excl. transportation)

Zebra sidetables
  • Material:
    • Leaf: different kinds of wood (compilation)
    • Base: steel (square tubes of 1 cm thick)
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 54 cm (base: 50 cm)
    • Perimeter: 33 x 33 cm (base: 25 x 25 cm)
  • Finish: the wooden leaf gets a layer of mat, transparent lacquer; the base will be sprayed black
  • Price: EUR 295 (incl. VAT; excl. transportation)

Pie stands
  • Material:
    • Tray: steel (3 mm)
    • Stand: steel (8 mm)
  • Afmeting:
    • Height: 30 cm
    • Diameter leaf: 39 cm
  • Finish: the steal can be sprayed black (mat) and any other colour
  • Price: EUR 220 (incl. VAT; excl. transportation)